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Committed to offering objective investment advice to our
clients with a genuine concern for their money

About Us

           As a registered investment advisor since 1977, Hendley & Company has had a paramount objective of providing objective investment advice to our clients. While we take a holistic look at a client’s financial position, our focus is on building high-quality investment portfolios that can stand the test of market cycles. We are an independent, fee-based investment advisor with a strong sense of fiduciary duty to our clients.

           Our clients include individuals, corporations and charitable endowments, and we believe that each client has unique needs. We often work with our client’s tax and legal counsel to understand those needs, but we do not provide professional tax and legal advice. We design an investment strategy in line with each client’s goals and preferences and incorporate cash flow needs, tax considerations, risk tolerance and time horizon in that strategy.

Our Approach

Long-term client relationships for long-term success

           We believe that long-term investment success in creating wealth for our clients comes from investing in high-quality common stocks over market cycles. Since short-term market results are not predictable, we work with our clients to maintain the patience and discipline of equity ownership during unsettling events.

            For our actively managed accounts, we believe that a diversified investment portfolio comprised of individual securities gives our clients an understandable strategy, the opportunity for tax efficiency and a certain ability to control investment risk through selection and asset allocation. In the short run, investment risk may be reflected in price volatility, but in the long run, it can be reflected in an erosion of buying power. We measure investment opportunity against investment risk.

            As a fee-based advisor, our incentive is to grow our clients’ assets over time.  By continuously communicating with our clients, we seek to evaluate how their needs change over the years and we adjust our strategy accordingly.

Our Services

           Our advisory agreements give us discretionary authority to manage assets commensurate with the client’s investment objective. Assets are on deposit with an independent custodian who also reports to the client. Hendley & Company provides complete reporting with tax information, transaction information and historical performance results.

Our Team

Renée M. Smith, CFA® Photo

Renée M. Smith, CFA®

President and Portfolio Manager

Renée M. Smith is a CFA® charterholder, joined Hendley & Company in 1984 and became its President in mid-2019.  Renée holds an undergraduate degree in political science from Miami University and a Masters in Business Administration from The Ohio State University. She and her husband reside in Zanesville and have a grown son.

CFA®  is a trademark owned by the CFA Institute and we refer you to www.cfainstitute.org for more information

Michael A. Snode Photo

Michael A. Snode

Chief Compliance Officer / Vice President Operations

Michael A. Snode joined Hendley & Company in 2006 after serving seven years as an investment officer in a bank trust department.  Mike holds an undergraduate degree in business administration with finance major from Ohio University. He resides in Zanesville with his wife and two children.

Mary A. Hildebrand Photo

Mary A. Hildebrand

Vice President Audit

Mary A. Hildebrand serves as Vice President Audit and has been employed by Hendley & Company since 1990. Mary holds an undergraduate degree in business administration from Ohio University. She resides in Zanesville and has two grown daughters.

Elaine Morrow Photo

Elaine Morrow

Executive Assistant

Elaine Morrow joined Hendley & Company in 2005 and has over 40 years of experience in customer service. She resides in Zanesville with her husband.

Wade Smith Photo

Wade Smith

Client Service Associate

Wade Smith joined Hendley & Company in 2023 and is primarily responsible for client support among other operational duties. Prior to joining Hendley & Company, Wade spent three years at NetJets Aviation and worked in collegiate athletics for ten years.  Wade earned his undergraduate degree from Miami University and his Master's degree from Georgetown University.  Wade resides in Zanesville with his wife.

Albert & Susan Hendley Photo Albert & Susan Hendley Hover Photo

Albert & Susan Hendley


Albert and Susan Hendley, founders of Hendley & Company, Inc., have been part of the investment community since 1965.  In 1977 they incorporated Hendley & Company in the State of Ohio and registered with the SEC as an investment advisor.  Bert is the past President and CEO, and Susan served as President and Chief Compliance Officer from 2001 until mid-2019.  They reside in Zanesville.



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